Marketers have a multitude of ways to connect with their audiences, both traditional and digital. How do marketers know which should be incorporated into their plan? The Media Landscape Report is a tool that guides marketers in the right direction.


The Eugene-Springfield Media Landscape Report offers a Macro View of how people in the Eugene-Springfield area use multiple traditional and digital media at the same time and the importance of completely different media strategies for different age groups. Why different media strategies? Because, this measurement of Eugene-Springfield area consumers’ time spent daily with devices and platforms used to consume media revealed significant variances by generation.



Breakdown of Sample by Generation


Capturing mindshare in today’s rapidly changing media landscape is challenging. This report allows marketers to see how much time each of the demographic groups spend with each device, whether they fast forward through commercials, where they prefer to get their news including: newspaper, local network TV, radio, and social media platforms. Combine this with consumer preferences for shopping online or in brick-and-mortar locations, and you have a clearer picture of how to reach shoppers without making unwise media choices that could be costly.



Sample Demographics
Sample Demographics


Download PDF which includes the report’s Table of Contents and Methodology.


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High praise for the Eugene-Springfield Media Landscape Report.


“The “Eugene-Springfield Media Landscape Report” is a perfect tool for allocating advertising funds, be it Radio, TV, Newspaper or Digital. I appreciate having real facts drilled down to our area.”
-John Mielke, Owner KKNX AM 840 & FM 105.1, KEED AM 2450 & FM 104.3


“I’ve used some of the specifics in the report to convince some of my younger marketing managers of the continued need to use traditional media to reach some of their older customers. I’ve also done the opposite with some of our older clients who want to poo-poo digital. This report put it all in one place and was easy to use.”
-Scott Hettick, Prevedello Hettick Marketing Company


“Lockwood Research’s Eugene-Springfield Media Landscape report has been very useful as we help our clients refine media strategies in the Eugene-Springfield area. Having a report including generational attitudes and many media genres all in one place is helpful when looking for a quick market overview.”
-Amy Theophilus, The Farnsworth Group