With many research firms from which to choose, why choose us? Lockwood Research adds value with sophisticated and innovative research design customized to meet your needs. We bring the combined strength of experience, updated technology, and a dedication to personal service to every aspect of research. Here is our promise to you:


  • Continual oversight and follow-through from the beginning to the end of a project.
  • Permanent and on-going supervision of staff throughout the project.
  • Continuity of personnel. From beginning to end, the same researchers are there. This ensures that those responsible for the success of your project achieve the highest degree of familiarity and efficiency possible. Large organizations may not have the same people working on a project six months from now, or even next week.
  • Progress updates: We stay in touch to let you know what’s going on and how the project is progressing.
  • Flexibility: We offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of constructing the look and format of online surveys, data tables, reports and presentations.
  • On-time delivery of projects: We don’t start projects that would interfere with an existing commitment to a client. As a result, Lockwood Research has never missed a deadline.