Over two decades of experience (and experiences) has led to Lockwood Research. What some might call a boutique firm – yes, “boutique” often means “small” – the real definition has more to do with offering specialized expertise and attention to the practice of research. We believe that small is agile, quick, connected to the customer, beholden to few and, yes …. Better.


Ms. Lockwood originally founded Scudder & Associates Research, Inc., a full-service market research firm, in 1989. After building a solid niche in aviation research, Scudder & Associates Research Inc. was sold in 2000 to the Kiehl Hendrickson Group, a Minneapolis-based aviation consulting firm.


Lockwood Research began in 2003 as a boutique research firm offering a personal service delivery promise, an innovative approach to address marketing problems, high quality data collection and analysis, and lastly, shorter timelines and, perhaps, lower costs.


Lockwood Research is a WBE certified Oregon entity. We continue to be the only market research firm in the Willamette Valley with an in-house telephone call center and supervised interviewers. The office is conveniently located near Valley River Center in Eugene, Oregon.