Successfully leveraging a complex array of modes, methodologies, and resources takes a highly skilled research partner who is on the cutting edge of a rapidly-evolving profession. Lockwood Research is that partner.


Whether you are a researcher looking for an experienced field service for recruiting or interviewing, or someone who understands that some decisions are too important to be left to chance, we can help by:


  • increasing response rates,
  • gaining more insights,
  • reducing budgets, and
  • speeding up turnaround time.


We have over two decades of experience to put to work for you. As a full-service research firm, we can assist you at any phase of the research project – from research design and objectives, to survey design and data collection, to analysis and presentation.


The mission of our team is to provide high-quality services to gather and disseminate accurate, actionable information for our clients – giving them clearer insights and knowledge to make better-informed decisions. In the process, we develop long-term partnerships in which all partners prosper.


When it comes to a research partner, why choose us? Because you want a firm with a sound reputation and proven track record. The kind that has earned praise from clients and respondents.